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Over my many years in business, colleagues, collaborators or clients that I have worked with on numerous projects have approached me for my knowledge of applied polymer science in general, and cyanoacrylate technology in particular.

But from working on projects across diverse sectors, I’ve acquired experience of chemical, physical and engineering concepts and insights that can be generally applied to product innovation and development. This is underpinned by my previous responsibilities related to the building of IP assets for a number of innovative companies.

So, what aspects of your products could benefit from an external perspective? Here are some of the things that I specialise in:

Product formulation

During product formulation, product quality, regulatory requirements and ease of manufacture all need to be considered if the product is to be profitable – and I can help you with all of these points.

Triggering systems

How can you invoke a desired change in a product on demand? Applying my broad understanding of a variety of chemical and physical phenomena to the intended end-use could open up new possibilities for your products.

Surface modification

Making a surface interact with formulation components in particular ways, or modifying a surface with a functional coating, are fertile areas for technological innovation. Let me use my experience to assist you in product creation.

Functional packaging

Using the packaging to provide functionality to a product is not new, but for reactive formulations there remain numerous opportunities that are ripe for exploitation, and which I’m keen to advise on.

Process innovation

Companies that develop unique processes can erect high barriers to competitors, enhance their reputation as innovators, and enjoy enduring commercial benefits. This area particularly interests me, and I’d be happy to help devise processes specific to you.

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If you’ve got an opportunity that you’d like additional input on, then I’d be very interested to hear from you.
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