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Technical Writing and IP

Developing innovative technologies involves many important but time-consuming tasks – writing research proposals, technical data sheets or patent applications, developing IP strategy, and keeping up with the literature.

But rather than using the valuable time of your most talented people, take advantage of my services instead to get these tasks done efficiently and effectively.

Uncovering ideas and communicating

Successful product development relies upon understanding and effectively communicating information in two main ways – firstly assimilating information in the published literature to fuel lateral thinking about innovations, and secondly ‘telling the story’ of your innovation to others, for example to make a compelling case for investment, or to support IP development or marketing.

But resource constraints often mean that teams can’t keep abreast of the literature to the extent needed, while your most talented staff may find the paperwork surrounding innovations a time-consuming burden.

If your team is in that situation, then I have the experience that you may find useful.

Expert technical writing

The paperwork surrounding new technologies in chemistry-led innovations can be complicated and time-consuming to deal with. But dealing with it effectively is essential to future-proofing your company’s development.

In addition, convincing stakeholders about the value of a complex technical innovation can benefit from an experienced external perspective. If that’s the case, I might be able to assist.

I can:

  • Draft technical content needed for business plans or sponsored contract work
  • Prepare detailed technical grant proposals for major investment
  • Present succinct summaries of technological projects to internal or external stakeholders
  • Assist with reports for company-based R&D fiscal deductions
  • Prepare technical data sheets, SOPs, and control documents for quality management systems.
When dealing with the IP surrounding technically complex innovations, seeking the advice of an expert pays dividends in the long run.

IP strategy and advice

Creating a competitive advantage is one thing; maintaining it is another. Many years of dealing with the patent literature and working closely with IP professionals means that I know how to develop an IP strategy that extracts most value for your innovations.

I’m also well-versed in structuring and drafting detail for patent attorneys, and to think like an examiner in the process – maximising the prospects of the patent being granted. Importantly, an external perspective eliminates bias, so if you would value a rigorous critique of your plans for IP investment to ensure they are well-made, then get in touch.

I can:

  • Thoroughly review the patent literature, to support filings or identify cross-licensing opportunities
  • Propose a patent strategy around specific technical developments
  • Work confidently with your team and/or directly with attorneys on drafting patent application detail, and help build dossiers to pre-empt examiners’ objections in the defence process.

Deep literature research

To ensure a new concept will be truly innovative and can be successfully capitalised upon, it’s vital to fully understand the ‘prior art’. My long experience with the scientific and patent literature can provide you with the solid foundation you need.

I can:

  • Review, filter and report on the academic and patent literature relevant to your area and its adjacent fields
  • Compile literature sources to support patent applications, government grants, or contract work
  • Keep you up to date with the scientific or patent literature in your field
  • Assist with gathering and tracking intelligence on competitive technologies.
Resource demands in both large and small companies means that there’s limited time to keep abreast of the latest developments in applied science – I have the experience and appetite to conduct these tasks efficiently.

Consulting and advice on IP and technical writing

Would you like me to assist with your technical writing and IP strategy? Give me a call and we can work out what needs to be done and the best way to go about it.
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