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Many clients simply request my consultancy services as a ‘work for hire’ arrangement. But I’m also an entrepreneur and keen to get involved with interesting concepts – so you might want to consider additional types of engagement such as ‘sweat equity’ or some other mutually beneficial collaboration.

Flexible and tailored consultancy services

I’ve always been motivated by looking at challenges in a different and creative way, rather like how different people see different patterns in a Rorschach inkblot test. And of course I’m driven to see the resulting concepts come to fruition – and I’d like to make it happen for you too.

Whatever the way you prefer to collaborate, I’ll find the best way of getting your creative processes turning like clockwork.

Venturing options to suit your business

Most clients prefer to compensate me as a consultant using a traditional ‘work-for-hire’ arrangement, which is of course perfectly acceptable. But I’m also happy to consider other models, including:

  • Retained services – Ideal for situations where you might need me to get more deeply involved in your company, by offering advice at a more fundamental level, or providing support when you need it over a sustained period.
  • ‘Sweat equity’ – I’ve also collaborated by providing my services in return for a mutually acceptable form of company participation. This includes venturing – effectively a hybrid between consultant and investor.
  • Collaboration – You might wish to collaborate with me in an area that is of interest to both of us – for example, by sharing your expertise, staff or lab infrastructure as part of an out-licensing arrangement for an idea I have that could help your business.

Venturing services for science-focused businesses

If you're looking for someone who can provide experienced support for innovation in a way that will suit you best, then get in touch – you’ll find me receptive, enthusiastic, and with plenty of ideas.
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